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Procedural y from Ye Han, which Ye Han taught them.Thinking of this, Jiang Hong remembered that before Ye Han said that h.e had to personally teach him the things that clouded, and his heart was even more determined as long as I manage this thing, I can get more things than this Procedural little warrior.many When the mind was moving, Jiang Hong suddenly fell awkward and fell from behind the huge stone.The whispered sound suddenly shocked the Qingyun school disciple who was groping forward to this side.Who is the person who took the lead immediately gave a cold drink.The following Procedural people have carefully looked at this side Procedural and said Procedural Reporting Blue Elders seems to be a person, falling over there.Jiang Hong s heart fell to the ground, Procedural and suddenly he was a little overjoyed.The Qingyun School, the inner court generally ignores this secular thing, but the outer court is walking outside.In the outer court, the disciples are generally trained at the teacher level.Once they have reached the level of cultivation, they can be assessed.If they succeed, they can enter the inner court. And if it i

Procedural s because of its own talent, it is too old, even if it is after the ranks, it will not combination respirator become a disciple of the inner court, but will enter the so called elders.The Presbyterian Church can be said to Procedural be between the inner court and the Procedural outer court.It can also be said to be the highest force in the outer court.This person, known as the Blue Elder, Jiang Hong still knows, and knows that.this person is very skeptical. However, it doesn t matter, the more he is skeptical, the more confident Jiang Hong is to deal with him.Soon, the Procedural people of the Qingyun School came forward to explore.At first glance, many finish respirator mask for painting people Procedural were shocked. Master brother It turned out to be Jiang Shixiong Several Qingyun level c respirator school disciples have all exclaimed.Well, the blue elders Procedural also came forward. When they saw Jiang Hong, they couldn t help but stumble.This kid has been missing for so long, and it has appeared here.Although there are many doubts in his heart, wolf snout atv dust mask Jiang Hong is still in a high position where can i find a black people plastic face masks in the minds of Procedural disciples in the outer court.The blue elders also hope to get some useful information


through Jiang Hong s mouth, so he Procedural quickly ordered the people under him to stabilize the spirit array.Then Jiang Hong was brought into the battle Procedural for treatment.After their treatment, Jiang Hong finally woke up. When he saw the many Qingyun school disciples, he seemed to be Procedural stunned, and Procedural then he was overjoyed.But this joy has just emerged, and it has turned into panic.He said to the crowd in a panic Run, everyone runs, it s too late to run.The fourth hundred forty three chapters Ye Han, Xuan Wei, and Gao Tian are hiding in the ninth floor of the Procedural heavy Xuan Tower.Their eyes are through the phantom of one side, and Procedural they are exploring Procedural the movement of Jiang Just as Jiang Hong guessed, if Ye Han is willing, everything in the entire Devil s Mountains is now under his supervision.Oh, it seems to have begun to act. Ye Han looked at the image that emerged from the phantom, could not help but smile.At the moment, what they just saw was that Jiang Hong said to everyone in a panic that he had to run away.Gao Tian saw Jiang Hong s action, and his brow could not help but

wrinkle.Although he still doesn t know exactly what identity anime dust mask amazon Jiang Hong is, he knows that Ye Han is asking Procedural him to deal with the Qingyun faction instead of running these people.However, he glanced at the leaf cold, but found that the leaf cold was very calm, as if he did not feel that something was wrong, he could only be able to withstand the temper and watch it Procedural In the phantom, when Jiang Hong s yelling Procedural was heard, all the people around Qingyun sent their hearts.The blue disposable mask target elders were flashed in the eyes, and immediately asked Calm Jiang Hong, costume respirator mask kids Procedural tell me, what do you mean by this, why do we want to run Jiang Hong is just like some unconsciousness.He whispers in his mouth Procedural It s terrible, if walmart kids knee pads it s terrible, if you don t escape, you will die, we will all die.Seeing this scene, the leaf cold mouth in the sky can not help but come Procedural up with a smile.I have to say that this Jiang Hong still has some kids reusable dust mask Procedural skills in acting and grasping.the people. At this moment, his performance is completely grasping the Qingyun faction.This group of people originally secretly feared, so