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Gloves two rounds of the first Gloves phase of the martial test will be conducted in the morning, but this afternoon, it should be the second stage of the martial test, Gloves and the top ten from the top 30 Ye Han didn t want to give up the martial test, and now he can study the Emperor or the squat, and he can t get any results in Gloves a short time.He immediately stopped and then stood up and walked directly toward the door.After an hour. When Ye Hanshu used the lunch comfortably and came to the Yanwu Square again, he found that the people gathered in the Yanwu Square Gloves were more than double the morning.The reason for Gloves this is that the top ten strengths decided this time are far more than any previous year.Some people who are not interested in this at the begin.ning have heard the news and have come here. I want to see There were only tens of thousands of people here in the morning.Now almost all the residents of the city of Bismuth have arrived.Nearly 20,000 people gathered together in this square, almost filling the entire square, Gloves leaving only the area of Fujian and T

aiwan.Nearby watch Ye Hanxin walked to the edge of the ring and looked at the stage.Others waited here early in the morning. I Gloves won t come a step later.Ye duxterity resporater dust mask Han glanced around and suddenly looked at the battle table.He found that there were two more positions on the battle table, and two Gloves more people were sitting in the center of the battle.Even Zhou respirator for soot cleaning Yun coronavirus que lo causa can only sit on their side. Ye Han s gaze was micro microwave, and he had already guessed the identity of these two people.These two people should be the two messengers from the Qingyun School.Among them, Fang Shijie is in the list. On the other side, Gloves everyone also found that Ye Han s delay came, and almost everyone was dissatisfied with dust mask diy it.This can be seen from their faces. However, thinking of what happened yesterday, everyone did not moldex n95 particulate respirator with exhalation valve box of 10 say anything more.Hey, everyone Gloves is really early. Ye Gloves Han walked very easily to the Gloves contestant s side, while walking and greeted everyone, while whispering Really, not before time, how Gloves come one by one so Gloves early I have nothing to do.Then they whispered, but the ready ma


de people were all martial arts, and his voice was not concealed.Almost everyone Gloves around him clearly Gloves Gloves heard his words, and many people suddenly rolled their eyes.You think everyone is as calm as you are. This guy is still so annoying It s really awkward, Guo s supervisor gave up his life and saved him.Ye Han walked to the vicinity of Feng Yao and others, and saw that Feng Ye was still glaring at him with a gaze.Ye Han licked his mouth and asked I have never been tired of squinting.The wind smoldered almost Gloves violently, coldly snorted, and the answer was not, no answer is not, but had to turn around and not see Ye Gloves Han.Others have been amused by Ye Han, and some people can t help but laugh.Ye Han is too lazy to Gloves take care of the wind and look at other people.At this time, he was surprised to find that Yang Qi actually appeared among the top 30 players.Yang Qi and Lin Yaner originally saw Ye Han appear, and they seemed to be safe and sound, and their hearts were excited.When he was exposed to Ye Han s surprised eyes, Yang Qi understood the meaning of Ye Han.He

looked ashamed and said to Ye Han I have a good luck.When the last round of the martial arts test came on, the people who or.iginally occupied the downfall just couldn t fight any more, so I won.Hearing this, Ye Han couldn t help but laugh. Obviously, this Gloves is exactly the unfairness that everyone thought of at the beginning of the game.Yang Qi 3m 60926 gas mask cartridge s luck is too good, and the guy who had already defeated eight opponents is too unlucky.It is estimated how many face masks should you use a month that when he stepped down, he knew that he was Gloves making a wedding dress for others, and he was definitely depressed.Oh, but for Gloves a moment of good luck, today s real decisive battle will not have anyone with such dust mask bacl luck.The wind and the side what is a half face mask can Gloves not help but Gloves snorted. Yang Qi is not an easy to follow person.Since his repeated communication Gloves with Ye Han, his personality has also changed.At this moment, when I heard the other person ridiculed him, I was Gloves naturally coronavirus u ludzi not happy.I said directly If you yell, I will say directly, you are like a girl.You w