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Facea wants to fly back and get rid of it.However, the distance between him and the beast octopus is too short.He didn t even have time t. o get it.In the end, he could only quickly Facea pull out the magic sword behind him, and the octopus claws Facea came.Hard hit hard. boom A muffled sound came, and the thunder sword in Ye Han s hand turned slightly.Ye Han s face suddenly changed. He finally felt why Lei Yu s madness was so embarrassing under the beast s octopus.The power of this monster is really horrible. If the ordinary nine level powerhouse is hard to pick him up, it will definitely be seriously injured.According to the explanation of the genius Facea Lei Yu, this thing turned out to be the variability induced by the atmosphere of the Sifang City.Then how many such beasts in the sea have long been the mysterious existence of their square city While Ye Han thought Facea about this, the beast octopus had attacked him again madly.It seems that it was just because the attack on Ye Han Facea did not work.This beast was irritated, and even Facea abandoned the originally entangled thunder feathers.All the tentacles were s

Facea urrounded by Ye Han. Ye Han quickly returned to his face, his face became dignified, and even immediately pulled out the knife behind him.It is said to how to keep cpap mask from leaving marks on face be a pseudo level powerhouse, but the pseudo level is also divided into strong and weak, just because Facea it is called making face masks from photos the pseudo level new zealand face masks when Facea there is no real law.Now this beast octopus has two attacks, which makes Ye Han feel noodles.How do. you dare to wait for the pressure on Huachen Mountain Roar The beast octopus Facea violently screamed, and the eight claws broke into the air, and suddenly caught it toward Ye Han.The n95 fit testing locations phoenix az damn octopus Lei Yu screamed with a sigh, and then carried a double knife to come over to support Ye Han.However, the oriental Facea jade next to it suddenly took him and said Crazy, don t go Lei Yu looked at him madly, and he quickly Facea said You guys have forgotten that the humiliation that knifework which respirator this kid brought us is now a good opportunity for Facea revenge, just let him be swallowed up by this octopus Lei Yu s mad face suddenly changed.Suddenly he took up a machete and then slammed the oriental jade with a wave of his hand and shouted Shut


up my thunder and madness, and it s not a vengeance.People, let alone he is because of helping me to fall into danger.If you say this again, I am not a brother from today.The oriental jade was beaten by him, but he spread the hand of the oriental Facea jade and rushed directly to the beast octopus.720. Chapter 720 is in full swing Ye Han urged the sword to the Wushu, the sword in his hands, and the tentacles of the beast octopus constantly collided.At first, he was squandered by the attack of this arrogant monster.After the thunder madness Facea joined the battle, he gradually began to adapt and immediately began to counterattack.After all, this is jus. t a monster with extremely powerful power and amazing attack speed.He secretly launches the Facea sun and the moon, and the opponent s attack trajectory is clearly presented to him.Ye Han suddenly slammed a contact foot of the beast octopus, and his body suddenly flashed, directly before Facea the other two tentacles approached himself, passing between them, and instantly came to the front of the beast octopus.dead He snorted, and the long sword Facea in his ha

nd spurred the power of ice and thunder, and quickly spurred a Facea huge eyeball of the beast octopus.However, the beast octopus reacted very quickly and immediately turned his head to avoid the attack.Ye Han s long sword 3m respirator mask 6003 hit the skin of his head, and Facea even the sound of gold and iron collision.This face is Facea really hard. Ye Han snorted and wanted to fully Facea display the sun and the moon, forcibly using the force to disturb the action of the beast, or directly using Tianwei to launch a soul attack, suddenly Haha, thunder feathers, you connect controller to nokia n95 3m 07182 mask are too weak, it is so n5n2 embarrassed by a beast that has not been opened.A shout suddenly came from afar. In the spirit of Ye Han, he immediately captured a strange figure.It is strange to say that he is a person, but the whole body skin is actually a blue stone.It is light, and Facea his voice is full of metal texture.Ye respirator mask for sewer gas Han s heart move This should be the so called giant stone peopl.e. Listening to the other party s tone, it seems to be known with Lei Yu crazy, which makes Ye Han suddenly dispel the idea of exposing his own card, Facea but simply use the sword martial arts